Garage doors

Garage – space not only for car storage, but also a room, in which we often store a lot of necessary things. Depending on your lifestyle, a garage should meet your needs. Therefore, reliable and quickly opening garage doors are required.

Raisable, pushable and openable doors are available:

Household – with “Torsion” springs.

Household – with side springs.

Industrial – for intensive use.

Openable – for houses and industrial buildings.

According to the customer’s request, we produce and mount.

Garage doors are available in various colors to blend with the environment, or stand out, and thus highlight space limits of the building. In order for the garage to be brighter, doors can be equipped with windows.

Garage door mechanisms and locks are made by reliable companies; therefore they are plastically functional and safe. Locks not only tightly lock garage doors, but also significantly reduce street noise.

If you want to enjoy reliable and durable garage doors – it is always a good time for your wishes to come true! Contact us by phone or e-mail now and order your dream windows or doors! We will hear out your requests and offer a product that corresponds to your needs and wishes.