Aluminum windows

Aluminum windows are a reliable long term investment. They are not only safe, stable and durable – they also have good heat retention properties.

Naturally, when choosing a window, possible costs are very important for the customer. Most people want to buy high-quality products; therefore they choose aluminum structure windows.

Aluminum – strong and durable material which serves for a long time. Windows made from this material are durable and additional advantage of aluminum profiles – relatively low cost.

Aluminum windows meet all environmental standards and have no negative impact on human health. Aluminum structure does not require special maintenance; it is very easy to use. The aluminum structure itself retains its original appearance, and is not affected by the harmful environmental effects and thermal differences.

Color and tone of the window frame can be chosen according to RAL color chart. There is several aluminum coating techniques. Anodizing and powder coating. Surfaces painted with both techniques retain color for long period of time.

Window mechanisms and locks are made by reliable companies, such as “Sigienia” and “Winkhaus”; therefore they are plastically functional and reliable. Locks tightly close windows, therefore street noise and cold air access is significantly reduced.

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