Aluminum facades

Prefabricated facades

Aluminum facade is stable and durable. It is resistant to heat and cold, rain and snow effects, and sudden temperature fluctuations.

Aluminum facade provides additional building insulation, ensures good wall ventilation and protects them from mold and rot, hides wall imperfections.

Aluminum facades are light and almost do not weigh down the building. Easy and quick mounting. It is popular facade structure that requires relatively small production and transport costs. Time tested solutions ensure stability and tightness of facade structures, heat and sound insulation, flexible architectural solutions. Prefabricated aluminum facade profiles are produced in different colors. Standard and practical color – matte silver.

Ventilated facades

Aluminum facades today define modern building construction trends. Due to high technical characteristics these facades are rapidly gaining ground in the market of building materials. Composite panels of ventilated facades enhance building performance. Therefore, popularity of this material is rapidly growing, despite the fact that aluminum facades in construction market are relatively new.

Advantages of ventilated facades:

Resistance to temperature fluctuations.

Protects building walls from moisture, decay and condensation.

Light and impervious to sound design.